Windows Vista refund

I ordered a new laptop for my mom this weekend. Unfortunately, it comes preinstalled with Windows Vista Home Premium. I wonder if I can get a refund of it like this guy did in Germany.

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Maybe I should try Ubuntu on it, “Ubuntu on Dell 1501“.


4 thoughts on “Windows Vista refund

  1. It’s on the first page of Vista’s EULA

    By using the software, you accept these terms. If you do not accept them, do not use the
    software. Instead, return it to the retailer for a refund or credit. If you cannot obtain a refund
    there, contact Microsoft or the Microsoft affiliate serving your country for information about Microsoft’s
    refund policies. See In the United States and Canada, call (800)
    MICROSOFT or see

  2. So Microsoft comes out with a new OS that they boast will be better than XP by a long shot (false advertisement), it turns out to be one of the worst items to be produced by Microsoft…and the multi trillion dollar corporation is telling people to suck it up, you used it, you bought it.

    They didn’t realize how bad Vista sucked until well after 45 days. A lot of people are going to get the shaft from Microsoft. Personally, I think this would be a perfect opportunity for someone to kick Microsoft in the knee caps, and jump into the game with a better product. Enough with the monopoly, this is what happens when your options are put into the hands of one corporation.

  3. Oh, I am running Fedora 9 32 bit now. Took a little work (me being a linux noob and all) but I finally got it up and running. Wireless is a little buggy but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my chest, knowing I did not have to agree to the Microsoft vista EULA nor the HP eula.

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