I sometimes become obsessed by technology. If it’s not playing games on the Xbox, or hanging out on the computer, or doing car related stuff, it’s talking about those items ad nauseum. 🙂 But I don’t think I’ll ever be as obsessed as this guy.
He washed and waxed his car for a week straight, and had a specialist analize the paint with a microscope. He even used $7,118.00! Zymol Royale wax. At least it’s a good investment:

This container is refilled for life at no charge.

But his work paid off. Here’s a before and after shot of the hood.




You can see the entire process and more pictures here.

VOIP services

In case Vonage bites the bullet because Verizon can’t compete outside the courts, I started looking for another possible VOIP provider. I really don’t want to go back to my old telco.

Here’s a list of VOIP providers I’ve found:

For more information look through whichvoip.com

I surely hope that Vonage will survive this injunction, as I’ve been a happy customer for over 2 years.

Vonage doomed?

This totally sucks, as a Vonage user, I’m wondering what will happen to Vonage. I’ve saved a lot of money on my telephone usage: average $21 compared to $55+ with Sprint (now Embarq).

U.S. District Judge Claude Hilton approved Verizon’s request curtailing the service today, sending Vonage shares to a record low. Hilton, in Alexandria, Virginia, said he won’t sign the order before a hearing in two weeks on Vonage’s request for a stay. A jury found March 8 that Vonage infringed three patents and said it should pay Verizon $58 million.


If Vonage has to shutdown, I might have to go with
TimeWarner cable’s digital phone or try sunrocket assuming they don’t have the same patent issue.

I hope Vonage can figure this out even if it means a rate increase, as I’m still under $55 per month.