Weekend car work

It’s been quite a while since I’ve changed the oil in the Trans Am, actually a year, but since it has an oil leak I wasn’t too worried. This weekend I decided to officially change the oil, filter, and the transmission fluid as well. I also had the idea I would change the rear differential fluid, but I never got around to that.

It took a while to get it all jacked up as there isn’t much room for the jack to fit as the car is so low. But I got it up on ramps and jack stands.

The Trans Am

The oil change went fine, it’s pretty trivial, though I still have an oil leak. The hardest part was changing the transmission fluid.

fresh filter and oil pan

GM was kind to give the six speed manual (6M) both a fill hole and a drain plug. Once I got all the fluid out, I had to fill it. That was a chore as there isn’t much room under the car. I had a 6 inch hose that I was using but after 30 minutes, I had only put in half a quart out of four! So I stopped for the evening until I could go to Lowes to get a 5 foot hose.

I used this hose to pump the Mobil 1 ATF fluid into the tranny. Yes, you read that right, I put ATF into my manual transmission. That’s what is supposed to go in there. 🙂

house and tranny fluid

Here’s the fill hole of the tranny, it’s a pain to get to.

Transmission fill hole

It’s all done now. Next stop is to replace the rear differential fluid and gasket. Oh, and I can’t forget the limited slip additive so the rear end doesn’t chatter. Actually that’s not all that needs to get done with the car 🙂 I have a laundry list of todos:

  • fix driver’s side window
  • replace driver’s side door panel
  • fix headlight motors
  • replace passenger side fender
  • etc

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