Weekend report

Liz went to the beach with her friends on Friday night. She’ll return sometime late this afternoon. She did take Iliana with her as she’s a wii bit too small for me to handle alone. The boys stayed with me and we had a good time on Saturday.

The boys and I went to see “Meet the Robinsons“. They liked it, but I’m not sure they really grasped the whole time shifting premise in the movie. Adan & Marco were so excited to go, they were hounding me since 9:30am. Finally, at 10:45am I figured I’d leave since I had to get money and wanted to get there early enough. Well we got there plenty early, so early that the theater wasn’t open yet. They didn’t open until 11:15am and our movie was at 11:45am. Oh well, c’est la vie. We walked around the shopping center a little until it was time.

After the movies, we came back home to give Marco another breathing treatment to make sure his asthma doesn’t flare up too much with his cold. The boys then played a round of Lego Star Wars on the Xbox. Then around 3:30pm, we went off to McDonald’s. I let them play in the play area which we never let them do. Then back home for some more horsing around, and Cars movie (I really like this movie).

Today, we played hooky from church, I made the boys pancakes and sausage . Gave them a little treat by allowing them to drink juice instead of milk with breakfast – (they get plenty of juice throughout the day). After I finish writing this, I’ll take them to Border’s book store (I don’t care for Barnes & Noble).

That’s it, maybe I’ll grill some burgers tonight for dinner as the weather is gorgeous.


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