iTunes Plus – DRM-free songs

Finally DRM-free songs are available on iTunes. I only had 10 songs out of 500 that could be upgraded to the new DRM-free format which I promptly paid the $3.00 to upgrade all of them. The songs are still AAC format (m4a vs. m4p) with higher 256 kbps bitrate. I didn’t notice much change in quality, but for the first time I could play a song purchased on iTunes in Banshee (of course I needed gstreamer-plugins-bad from livna). At least I didn’t have to burn the songs to CD, then rip them again in Linux.

Yes I realize I could just buy the CD and avoid the whole issue, but I really like the instant gratification of clicking the BUY button and having the music NOW!

iTunes Plus

Red Hat Enterprise Linux helps make “Shrek the Third”

Now I can tell the kids that daddy’s work helped make “Shrek the Third” 🙂

“In all, 150 HP workstations were used in the making of “Shrek the Third,” with almost half of those using the standard configuration of HP’s xw9300 high-performance workstation, which features two AMD dual core Opteron 275 processors, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation RHEL 4, an nVidia Quattro FX 3450 graphics card, 4GB RAM, a 400GB SATA hard disk, a 70GB SCSI hard disk and dual monitors.”

Full article here

Happy Birthday Liz!

Today is Liz’ birthday. I’m working from home today to help her out on this wonderful day. We had a busy morning already. Adan and Marco woke us up at 6:19am to give Liz her birthday cards and presents. Then we let her sleep in afterwards (until 9am actually).

The boys helped me bake a carrot cake. Adan poured in the water, I did the eggs, and Marco put in the oil. Both Marco and Adan got a chance to use the mixer, and to lick the blades when we were done mixing 🙂 That’s the best part in my opinion.

I proceeded to get the boys ready for school, pulled the cake out of the oven to cool, then took Adan and Marco to school. I then picked up some hotcakes and sausage from McDonald’s for breakfast.

Later today, we plan on going bowling at Buffaloe Lanes in Raleigh. Then dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill.