common courtesy

Today we find out that Adan’s kindergarten teacher will not be returning to teach at his school next year. We all speculated that she will stay home with her soon to come bundle of joy, but it turns out that the school will not be renewing her contract.

Some parents complained to the administration that her tone with some of the students was inappropriate, but none had the courtesy to approach her to let her know they had concerns. She was completely unaware this was going on. It is truly a shame that some parents don’t understand that teaching is a very difficult job and that sometimes you have to change your tone with children to get their attention. I suspect that these are the same parents that rarely attend any functions at school and probably let their children run rampant.

If Adan ever had a problem with his teacher, I would go speak with the teacher in person to find out what had occurred.  If it continues to occur, then I would involve the administration, but it is only fair that if you have a problem with someone that you address it with them before escalating.


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