Trip to Maryland

This weekend we went to Maryland to visit some family and so that Liz could attend Mirsa’s (her cousin) baby shower. Aside from the traffic, we had a good time.

We left for Maryland on Saturday morning around 10am, and decided to take I-95 all the way up instead of taking US 301. That’s when we hit traffic at exit 152 until 162. It took us 45 minutes to get 10 miles. On the way back on Monday, we took the same route, and hit a backup at exit 104. There was a overturned SUV and a shredded camper trailer that the SUV apparently had in tow. It took us about an hour to go 4 miles. 😦 And had I had my Atlas in the car or a GPS system I would’ve noticed that getting off at 207 would’ve saved us that hour.

I-95 is notorious for having bad traffic around the DC area, so most sane people avoid it unlike us 🙂 But I think it’s really a sign of how horrible our Interstate Highway System has become. When Eisenhower had the system built, he wanted to move equipment and supplies across the country in a quick and efficient manner. The capacity has since outgrown what the Interstate Highway System can take. Imagine a disaster hitting the I-95 corridor. There is no way you could take the highway to get out of town fast enough. It would be come shear gridlock. Even now, a accident closes the highway down for hours. There should be a way to re-route traffic onto side streets to avoid this gridlock. Maybe what we need is a parallel I-95 or maybe better alerting and detour signs to re-route traffic. Hell even opening up the shoulder that isn’t being used to allow more traffic to flow. But instead of fixing our ailing infrastructure, we spend our time and money bombing other countries. SIGH!

On a much lighter note, my father has a wonderful vegetable garden in his backyard which is being attacked by a groundhog. He purchased a trap and so far caught an opposum and this weekend he caught another one, so we thought. When he picked up the trap to move it the animal inside moved around and I saw the white stripe. I immediately told him it was a skunk. So my mother and I went inside while my dad moved the trap and opened it up to release it. Luckily my dad didn’t get sprayed, but the skunk did spray somewhere because the whole yard was in a funk! 🙂 So to combat the smell my dad decided to burn some wood in his old grill. Unfortunately, he had the grill sitting directly on top of 2 wooden planks which, you guested it, started to burn. Then the grill toppled and fell on to the ground. We all thought it was hilarious because no one was in harms way. But the smoke did help cover up the skunk smell.

Also this weekend, the boys, me, and my dad, went to Allen Pond Park in Bowie. We fed the ducks and geese, walked around the pond, the boys played in the playground, and later had ice cream. It was a great time. I’ll post pictures tonight.

Aside from the travel, the trip a good time was had by all.


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