What a difference a / makes

I’ve been trying to figure out why my image upload to smugmug using HTTP PUT wasn’t working for quite some time. I always got a “connection closed” error. After looking at this example more closely I finally realized what my problem was. I forgot the freakin slash. The upload url is supposed to be http://upload.smugmug.com/filename. My code looked like this:
conn = httplib.HTTPConnection("upload.smugmug.com", 80)
conn.request("PUT", filename, data, headers)

This obviously generates the following url: http://upload.smugmug.comXXX where XXX is the value of filename. That’s just outright wrong. SIGH! But I fixed it and now my uploads work. Here’s the working snippet:
conn = httplib.HTTPConnection("upload.smugmug.com", 80)
conn.request("PUT", '/' + filename, data, headers)

Now I can get back to finishing my XMLRPC to JSON migration of sm-photo-tool.

bash line wrapping problem

I noticed I was having a line wrapping issue with my bash prompt which really got annoying. It’s been at least a month and I finally decided to find a fix for it.

wrapping problem

My prompt in .bashrc is PS1="[\u@\e[0;31m\h\e[1;39m \W]: "
According to this post I need to wrap the escape codes with \[. So I changed my prompt to the following and all seems well: PS1="[\u@\[\e[0;31m\]\h\[\e[1;39m\] \W]: "

wrapped fix

Trip home from San Antonio

I was in San Antonio, TX on Friday. After some delays I finally made it to Atlanta at 11:13pm EDT. My connection was originally scheduled to leave for RDU at 10:30pm, but I got a voice mail from Orbitz stating it was now 11:30pm. I’m a little rushed now because I have 17 minutes to get off the plain and hoof it 2 terminals to try and catch my flight home. In some airports going from one terminal to another isn’t too bad, but in ATL, it’s not a trivial task to go from terminal C to A in 17 minutes.  I booked it across the airport, looking like OJ Simpson (pre murder), when I arrived at gate A4 breatheless and feeling like I was going to have a heart-attack (boy I really need to exercise and loose some weight), the flight had been delayed til 12:30am.  I was both relieved that I didn’t miss my connection and pissed of that the lady at the counter when I landed didn’t mention it was delayed! Again another prime example of “high quality” Delta customer service.

The flight continued to be delayed 3 more times the final time was 2:30am.  But apparently the crew made up some time and got to ATL at 1:55am. We finally took off at 3:00am and arrived at RDU at 4:15am. And just to make things interesting 2 people threw up on the plane.

On a good note, I met a lot of interesting people in the airport this trip. Like the family going to Puerto Rico for vacation with their daughter on her first flight. Like Mr. Mills who works for an investment firm and seems to be in legal trouble, and the divorced mother of two he talked to on the whole flight. Also, Jeanette an Air Force Airman who was returning to see her boyfriend in RDU from 30 days of training in Florida. During flight delays people band together to air their frustrations or share their stories of the day.

I finally got home in bed at 5:10am Saturday morning which was also my 36th birthday.

Trip notes (from this morning)

Today I got up at 3:15am for a 6:00am flight to San Antonio, TX to visit a
customer. There’s was no traffic at 4:00am. I printed the boarding pass the
night before to avoid lines at the airport, which worked quite well because I
could go straight to my gate via security.

The first leg of my flight, Raleigh, NC to Atlanta, GA, went smooth.
The plane had a cool multimedia screen in the back of each sat, free HBO,
and satellite TV. The system had games as well, such as klondike, chess,
and even sodoku, but they charge a fee which I’m not willing to pay when I
could just as easily use my laptop. Another cool feature of the multimedia
system was it had popular CDs you could play, like a jukebox. I’m listening
to Gwen Stefani as I write this. And just announced over the PA, the right
side of the plane’s multimedia system is malfunctioning so I’m on the lucky
side of the plane.

I left RDU about 10 minutes late because the lavatory in first class
had been filled with too much fluid. Unfortunately, I’m struggling to
come up with a potty joke 🙂 Oh well, we can’t always be on top of our

On the flight, I was to sit in seat 37B but fortunately the folks in
seats A and C switched with me. So I’m now comfortable in an aisle seat.
Also, the folks are on their way to Puerto Rico for vacation and to see
family. The daughter is on her first flight ever even though she
appears to be 12. I’m thankful my parents took us on flights when we
were young, especially in the 70’s and 80’s when we got wings from the
pilots and hot food instead of these crappy ass “biscoff” cookies.

We’ve been in the air about an hour and are now making our descent into
Atlanta (ATL). I’ll type more later.


After a quick layover, one hour, in Atlanta, I’m off on another flight
to San Antonio, TX (SAT). The MD-88 plane I’m on is no where near as
nice as the one from RDU-ATL. Though that plane was to continue on to
Phoenix which is a much longer flight hence all the amenities.

To maximize my visit, I hope I can stay until 5pm (for a 6:26pm flight).
We’ll see how long it takes to go from the airport to the customer’s
site, and how bad traffic will be in the evening.

I think I might try and take a little nap, but it’ll be hard since the
seat back only reaches the base of my neck, and my mile long legs won’t
allow me to scoot forward in my seat. I’ll see what happens.

More later.

It’s no wonder airlines are in trouble!

It’s 6:33pm CDT here in San Antonio, TX.  My flight to ATL which was supposed to leave at 6:26pm is now delayed until 8:06pm, which wouldn’t be a huge problem if I didn’t have a connection that is supposed to leave ATL at 10:30pm EDT to RDU.  So it looks like I will be spending my birthday in Atlanta instead of at home.

What really gets me about all this is how the freakin arilines are having financial trouble, it’s because their f***ing service SUCKS! I mean delays, cancellations, extremely poor service, and the lack of actual food or care in the flights.

So DON’T FLY DELTA AIRLINES! I won’t even bother with a link to their site since they don’t deserve the business.