2 bee or not 2 bee

A co-worker of mine and a former co-worker have become bee keepers. I truly work with an interesting bunch. Apparently they had their annual honey extraction event recently. Here are some pictures:

Honeylust Set


3 thoughts on “2 bee or not 2 bee

  1. Hey cool! Thanks for posting that. It was a gloriious day. 🙂

    To answer ladyzombie: no I am not worried. Not overly so anyway. Colony Collapse Disorder is more or less skipping over little guys like me. It’s hitting the bigger beekeepers. Also, North Carolina so far has only had a bit of it. We are holding our breaths. I am concerned about the industry in general though. Not knowing is nerve-wracking.

    -todd, the guy wearing the less protection (in brown)

  2. hi

    i’m writing from italy. I’m a java consultant, and since 2 years ago, my wife and me, we start to work in the “noble art fof beekeeping”. It would be nice if we could write some emails about bees and beekeeping. Now i’m starting to design some software for beekeepers. maybe it could be interesting talk about it…..


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