Learn the vowel sounds

I’ve always wondered by gringos have such a hard time with Spanish words. I realized that if you get the vowel sounds right you can pronounce most words.  In English, vowels have 2 different sounds whereas in Spanish they have one.

For instance, my son’s name is Adan which is pronounced ah-dahn not uh-don the a sounds the same in all cases.

  • a – ah (like the sound the doctor asks you to make)
  • e – eh (short)
  • i – ee (like the long e in English)
  • o – oh (but a short oh not the drawn out oh from English)
  • u – oo (like a monkey)

So mono is not mah-noh, it’s moh-noh. Marco (my other son’s name) is pronounced “mahrr-coh”. The hardest part about that is trilling the r which even I have a difficult time doing.

So remember folks, if you learn the vowel sounds in Spanish, that will help you pronounce Spanish words that much more effectively.


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