Cartooning and Comic Art

Today I registered to take “Cartooning and Comic Art” at Wake Technical Community College. Classes begin on Monday August 27th.

Here are the supplies I need to get (I’m posting it here mostly for my reference later):

  • Sketchbook
  • Graphite Pencil set including 4H-6B pencils
  • Strathmore Bristol Pad (smooth)
  • Micron Pen set including sizes: 005-8
  • Colors of your choosing (colored pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic)* if you bring paint be sure to bring proper cleaning materials!

Should be an interesting class.


2 thoughts on “Cartooning and Comic Art

  1. How cool! I am jealous – I have always wanted to take an art class. Of course, if you have seen anything I have ever created, you will agree it would have to involve the word ‘abstract’. I hope you’ll post some of your masterpieces!

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