It’s here!

My phone arrived today! After two years, I finally get to replace my aging Motorola V276 phone with my brand spanking new Samsung SCH-u740. I also bought a Bluetooth headset: Plantronics Discovery 645 DSP and a holster. I’ll get to try out the headset today in a conference call.

The Motorola was an ok phone but it wasn’t very rugged. I dropped it a few times on concrete 🙂 It never cracked externally but I think it got a little dain bramage. The sp

eaker quit working which meant no speakerphone and no ringing. The charger connection got flaky in the last 3 months causing the battery not to charge unless it was in a specific position, and the tip of the headset jack broke inside the receptacle almost 2 months into owning the phone. But alas, I can finally lay it to rest. I’m thinking of going “Office Space” on it. For the non-techie readers of my blog, “going ‘Office Space’ on it” refers to a scene in the “Office Space” movie where the characters destroy a finicky printer:

  • The Printer — In the movie, this appliance’s unreliability finally prompts Peter, Samir and Michael to take a baseball bat to the device in an open field as “Still” by the Geto Boys plays, in a scene visually referencing a violent episode in Casino. The term Office Space-style, or “Going Office Space on” is used to refer to this type of destruction.[2]

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