FUSE based smugmug FS

I’ve been using smugmug.com to host my photos for almost 3 years now. I’ve been using sm-photo-tool to upload my pictures and I installed Fedora 7 for my wife to use to upload her pictures as well. I gave F-spot a try but I’m not a big fan. Uploading to smugmug using f-spot isn’t that easy either (well for more than a few photos).

So I had the idea “why can’t I open up a nautilus window and copy the photos to a new directory?” That’s when I remembered about FUSE but they don’t have a fs built for smugmug that I could find. So thatt’s my new project to create a FUSE based FS that connects to smugmug.com.

  • creating a new directory would create a new gallery
  • adding files into the directory will upload them to the gallery
  • deleting files removes them from smugmug
  • Linux commands like: ls, cp, mv, should all work just fine as smugmug’s API has most of these capabilities.

Hopefully, I don’t get bored and lose focus which is often the case with my ideas 😦


5 thoughts on “FUSE based smugmug FS

  1. hello. have you made progress on this front? will this FUSE fs work with osx? i am extremely disappointed that all of the cloud image storage sites do not offer any filesystem connection, and furthermore no sync ability.

    currently im using dropbox to store images, and was hoping i could do bi-directional sync with them to smugmug like i did with picasaweb.


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