New DVD player

Our SONY DVP-NS315 DVD player died. We were noticing a lot of DVDs from Netflix that didn’t play. Though they were scratched, they should have played. Today we put in two of the kids movies which were practically new, but they didn’t play. After 3 movies that we know played yesterday, I called the time of death 11:30am.

We bought a new Sony DVP-NS77H/B which is an upconversion DVD player with an HDMI connection. It still has component and s-video which is what I need for our regular Sony TV. But when we get our HDTV, I’ll be ready.


One thought on “New DVD player

  1. It’s a tough place to be right now. The format wars for HD-DVD vs Sony Blu-Ray aren’t over yet. Even upconverted DVDs top out at 420p (enhanced).

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