New DVD player

Our SONY DVP-NS315 DVD player died. We were noticing a lot of DVDs from Netflix that didn’t play. Though they were scratched, they should have played. Today we put in two of the kids movies which were practically new, but they didn’t play. After 3 movies that we know played yesterday, I called the time of death 11:30am.

We bought a new Sony DVP-NS77H/B which is an upconversion DVD player with an HDMI connection. It still has component and s-video which is what I need for our regular Sony TV. But when we get our HDTV, I’ll be ready.

categories, subcategories, and albums OH MY!

Now that I have mkdir partially working, I need to figure out the use case for it. SmugMug has the notion of categories and albums. Here is how I plan on making it work. Since categories can contain subcategories but albums can not, I will make the categories the top level tree of directories with the leaf directory becomes an album.

Let’s walk through an example. Let’s assume you mount smugmug in /mnt/smugmug. If you want to create a “Samuel Birthday 2007” album in the Children category and in the Birthday subcategory you would do the following:
mkdir -p "/mnt/smugmug/Children/Birthday/Samuel Birthday 2007"
at that point if the categories don’t exist they will be created as will the album.
The one edge case I see here is if you want a Birthday album under the Children category. Should I allow directories to have both? maybe I can store metadata about them somewhere. For now, I’ll leave that use case out until I see a good way of handling it.

Parental revenge :)

As a parent of 3, I can only imagine what my wife goes through when she tells me “I went to the grocery store today.” Though we only have 3, I suppose the trip is a lot like this woman’s trip to the grocery store. She’s selling a pack of POKEMON cars on ebay, the story is HILARIOUS (except to mother’s that have gone grocery shopping with more than 2 children) 🙂

This mother has a blog too:

If the ebay auction link doesn’t work read the full text here.

zmugfs work

So I spent the evening trying to figure out how FUSE works. I’ve been looking over the examples: and as well as gmailfs. I don’t have much yet, but it does do “something” 🙂

After startup:
[jesusr@camaro src]$ python -d /tmp/fuse
Hey there
unique: 1, opcode: INIT (26), nodeid: 0, insize: 56
INIT: 7.8
INIT: 7.8
unique: 1, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 40
unique: 2, opcode: GETATTR (3), nodeid: 1, insize: 40
getattr /
unique: 2, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 112

Doing [jesusr@camaro ~]$ ls /tmp/fuse/

The debug output shows: unique: 3, opcode: GETATTR (3), nodeid: 1, insize: 40
getattr /
unique: 3, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 112
unique: 4, opcode: GETATTR (3), nodeid: 1, insize: 40
getattr /
unique: 4, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 112
unique: 5, opcode: OPENDIR (27), nodeid: 1, insize: 48
unique: 5, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 32
unique: 6, opcode: GETATTR (3), nodeid: 1, insize: 40
getattr /
unique: 6, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 112
unique: 7, opcode: READDIR (28), nodeid: 1, insize: 64
readdir (/) (0)
unique: 7, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 48
unique: 8, opcode: READDIR (28), nodeid: 1, insize: 64
unique: 8, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 16
unique: 9, opcode: RELEASEDIR (29), nodeid: 1, insize: 64
unique: 9, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 16

Now I try [jesusr@camaro ~]$ mkdir /tmp/fuse/foo
mkdir: cannot create directory `/tmp/fuse/foo': File exists

zmugfs spews out:unique: 10, opcode: LOOKUP (1), nodeid: 1, insize: 44
getattr /foo
unique: 10, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 136

I know it’s not much, but at least I’m seeing what calls need to get implemented. This is going to take a while since this is my first foray into filesystem type stuff and FUSE.