Since Christmas is just around the corner, ok it’s at least 4 months away but usually when September hits next time I look up it’s Christmas. When shopping for gifts for folks I really like to get them stuff they want and since most of my family is in Maryland, it’s hard to see what they need during the year. That’s where wishlists come in handy.

I’ve had a wishlist on Amazon.com for sometime now. But I also like to shop at newegg.com, apple.com, dell.com, and a few other websites. With so many sites, each with their own wishlists, it’s difficult for folks to know where to get the things I’d like. Amazon has the biggest selection, but not always the best prices. Another problem with wishlists are the lack of an RSS feed I can use to share with folks or consolidate with Yahoo! Pipes.

I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a website that allowed you to create your wishlists with products from different websites and share them via RSS? Maybe I should write one? Well, like folks say “if you think of an idea, it’s probably already being created on the internet”. And what do you know, I found boxedup.com. You can create your wishlist from different sites using a Firefox extension similar to del.icio.us. You can share your list with friends via RSS and invite friends to join as well.

So if you want to buy me a gift 🙂 checkout my wishlist:


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