zmugfs shows readonly (sub)categories

I kept fighting fuse.Direntry. When I tried:

for n in node.get_nodes():
     yield fuse.Direntry(n.path)

I would get NOTHING! but if I created a simple test list it would work:

f = ['foo', 'bar', 'path', 'cheese']
for i in f:
    yield fuse.Direntry(i)

It was confusing until I notice the only difference was that n.path was a unicode string while my test list were ascii stings. I thought to myself, “nah, that can’t be it”. But what do you know! I made this change:

yield fuse.Direntry(n.path.string('/').encode('ascii'))

Not sure if that will be the final code, IMO fuse.Direntry should work with unicode strings. But none the less, the result is a magnificent readonly view using ls and ls -l.

zmugfs shows ls


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