I’ve got the Func

Func is an interesting project that solves some important problems.

  • Have you ever tried to manage a large number of systems with SSH? Have you wanted a better way?
  • Have you wanted a way to audit all of your remote commands on all of your systems?
  • Tired of writing shell scripts and parsing command output?
  • Are you fed up with CIM, WBEM, and complicated systems that prevent you from doing /real/ work?
  • Well have we got a solution for you. It’s Func.

It was recently released after only two weeks of development. That to me is amazing, how a few people can get together and accomplish so much. Kudos!

I wanted to try out a simple feature: get the status of my httpd process, and bounce it. Here’s a summary of what I did:

  • install func rpm on RHEL 4 (my minion)
  • install func rpm on Fedora Core 6 (my overlord)
  • create a cert for the minion
  • start up the certmaster on the overlord box
  • start up funcd on the minion box
  • run command
  • DONE

For more information on Func setup see the wiki:

Here’s a screenshot of my overlord (top window) run /sbin/service status httpd and /sbin/service restart httpd on the minion (bottom two windows). The bottom most window shows the funcd log in DEBUG mode and the middle window is the httpd error_log.

Func test

That was great. Now I can setup my kickstart files to install func on all my machines so I can control them with func. The Func wiki covers how to provision with Cobbler.


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