T/A in a new shop

As many of you know I had the Trans Am towed to Wake Tire (a local shop within walking distance of my house) after it failed to start. After an entire week Wake Tire failed to do anything with my car. They never ONCE called me to give me status, I called them 3 times last week. On Friday, I refused to call again and decided that come Monday if it wasn’t finished I would pay for what they had done so far and move it to a new shop. And what do you know, I called this morning at 8:30am, they told me that Friday they pushed it into the bay and would have a chance to get it done today. I replied, “well, that’s unfortunate. I’ll pay you for what you’ve done so far and I’d like to move it to another shop. Please have the vehicle ready, I’ll have a tow truck there within the hour.”

I called Ronnie White’s towing again, they’re my favorite towing company now, to find out how much it would be to go from Wake Forest, NC to Durham, NC. Another $70 and it was done. So where did I take my car? To a great group of guys at Carolina Auto Masters. As it states on their site:

Carolina Auto Masters specializes in building and tuning computer controlled General Motors cars and trucks. LT1, LS1, Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, GTO, Impala SS, and trucks too, 4.3, 4.8, 5.3, 5.7 and 6.0. From bolt-on installations to full motor builds, blowers, turbos, alcohol injection, heads, cam, nitrous. Give us a call or stop by our 10,000 square foot facility!

The tow truck dropped off the car and before I left (about 20 minutes), they had already taken out the battery and reproduced my starting problems. These guys ROCK!


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