zmugfs via nautilus (part 2)

Almost a month ago I posted a screenshot of zmugfs via nautilus. Back then I was returning a hardcoded list of strings with no inode information. Last week, I got the read-only listing of categories and subcategories to work, see the ls output here.

I thought to myself, I bet folks would love to see the new read-only functionality through nautilus. Well, prepare to be amazed and bedazzled. 🙂 First up is a screenshot of a category showing all of the subcategories contained within. Notice all but one says “0 items”, that’s because I haven’t figured out how to get the image count for the albums contained within yet.

zmugfs category

The Birthday subcategory contains 9 items (all albums). So if you double click on that folder you are presented with a window showing all 9 albums in the subcategory.

zmugfs subcat

Isn’t that cool? You may be asking, “how do I know he’s not just returning some random list of strings?” Well, let’s look at smugmug to see what’s actually there:

actual smugmg subcategory

Next step is to get Albums to show their images and their image counts. Once that is done, I will release zmugfs 0.1 out in the wild. The following releases will add write support and possible performance enhancements.


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