getting close …

We’re getting very close to releasing zmugfs 0.1, the read-only release. As you may recall on Monday I got zmugfs to show imgdata in nautilus.

img data

But I could only get it to work if I used the thumbnail sized imgdata. In the read() method I was logging into smugmug, reading the thumbnail imgdata, logging out of smugmug, getting the imgdata via http GET, and returning. Well, this is crazy because read gets called multiple times with different offsets. So I ended up implementing the open() and release() methods. In the open, I get the imgdata (original size) via the smugmug api and store the imgdata in an image cache (an in memory dictionary). In the read method, it now respects the offset and size attributes by reading from the image cache. Then in the release method, I delete the entry from the image cache. I know not much of a cache. 🙂 But it solved my problem. I’m putting the cache work off a bit, not sure how to approach that yet.

Next thing I wanted to try all of the command line utils (at least the ones I’ve used before) to see how they react to zmugfs. I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

command result comment
basename SUCCESS  
chgrp FAILURE chgrp method not implemented
chmod FAILURE chmod method not implemented
chown FAILURE chown method not implemented
cp from SUCCESS able to copy image from smugmug using zmugfs
cp to FAILURE mknod not implemented
file SUCCESS got appropriate file type
ln -s SUCCESS softlink created
ls SUCCESS listing appears correctly
mkdir FAILURE mkdir method not implemented
mv FAILURE copy part worked; unlink not implemented
rm FAILURE unlink not implemented
rmdir FAILURE rmdir not implemented
touch FAILURE setattr not implemented

From a readonly perspective, it is looking great. What’s left before a release you ask? Just a few things.

  • packaging
    • write spec file
    • figure out
  • design a logo
  • move code to zmugtools for branding purposes
  • work out image cache

That’s it, once I finish those things zmugfs 0.1 will be released out into the wild! I’m really excited as this is my first ever open source project. I’ve submitted patches to a few things, but never anything this extensive.


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