“toasted” oatmeal

IMG_0038, originally uploaded by jmrodri.

On Sunday morning, the boys come in to get me out of bed at 8:30am. Adan and Marco proceed to tell me they tried to make oatmeal. I was immediately thinking they spilled something. Then Adan says they couldn’t get the oatmeal out of the microwave because it was too hot. So far I’m thinking, wow not bad. Then Marco says it’s hot and black. That’s when I start to worry.

I walk downstairs to a stench I can only describe as burnt popcorn. That blackness you get when microwaving something for a bit too long. I walk into the kitchen, see two cups of milk on the table with napkins our usual setup. A bowl of oatmeal on the counter with milk already poured in and the gallon of milk on the counter as well. No spills or any problems so far. Then I look in the microwave to see the “toasted” oatmeal with the metal SPOON still in the bowl. SIGH! Then laughter.

I was proud they were 95% of the way through the oatmeal routine which means they have been paying attention this whole time 🙂 and they didn’t make a mess at all. Not one drop of spilled milk.

I asked the boys, “how long did you put it in for?”. Adan replied, “four zero seven”. So I told them nicely, “aw, no it’s only 70 seconds. And you can’t put metal in the microwave.”

I put the bowl in the sink to soak in water. Sunday night, I took a picture of it. It probably won’t come out because it still look bad after soaking in water all day.


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