zmugfs 0.1 RELEASED!

After two and half months of development, I would like to announce the first release of zmugfs (yes, the Halloween release) :). I was inspired to write this program when I got my wife, Elizabeth, to try out Fedora to import her digital pictures because “it just works in Fedora”. But uploading using the website was a bit lame, so I thought, “it would be cool if you could open up nautilus and see your pictures, then copy them to the folder to upload them”.

That’s how zmugfs was born. What the heck is zmugfs? It’s a FUSE-based filesystem written entirely in python (my new favorite language) which connects to your account on using their JSON apis.

DOWNLOAD zmugfs here!

zmugfs requires zmugjson and fuse-python to work, actually requires a paid account to be useful.

Installing on Fedora 7:

  • yum install fuse-python
  • download the f7 rpms of zmugfs and zmugjson
  • configure it with your username and password ($HOME/.zmugfs/zmugfsrc or /etc/zmugfs/zmugfs.conf)
  • /usr/bin/zmugfs <mount directory>
  • DONE!

Installing on Fedora Core 6:

  • yum install fuse-python (from the extras repo)
  • download the rpms of zmugfs and zmugjson
  • configure it with your username and password ($HOME/.zmugfs/zmugfsrc or /etc/zmugfs/zmugfs.conf)
  • /usr/bin/zmugfs <mount directory>
  • DONE!

Or if not a Fedora user, and you should be, try the tarballs.

Here’s a sample config file:
# number of images to cache
# amount of image data to cache in megabytes
# 50 ~ 25 images


5 thoughts on “zmugfs 0.1 RELEASED!

  1. Hi, thanks for writing this! This was an itch I had for a long time, I am glad someone actually went ahead and wrote some code 🙂 I will definitely test the code (on Xubuntu & perhaps Debian 4.0) & hopefully I’ll be able to pitch in as well at some point.

  2. Hey – I created .debs using Alien. They install and run fine using Ubuntu 8.04, but I had to install python-simplejson also to make it work. E-mail if you want debs to post.

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