It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Marco & Iliana have been sick the past week or two. Marco’s gotten better, Iliana continues to as well. Today she started CRAWLING! It was awesome to see.

Adan & I had a little spat on Tuesday night while at the family night at his school. It was over a book of all things. They had a book fair and Adan really wanted to buy a book about foam airplanes. It wasn’t a how too book though, it had 10 foam “pages” each with popout foam pieces to make foam airplanes. I felt that I had to “help” him make a better decision for buying a book. It was a book fair, not a toy fair. After my suggestions didn’t work, I went the brut force method, “No, I am *NOT* buying that book. Period.”

After sleeping on it, I realized that the real point of the book fair was to allow him to actually make a decision and get whatever book he wanted even if it was a bad one. So I told him he could get it today when his class goes back to the book fair. Turns out Elizabeth found a better book about making paper airplanes which came with several sheets of designer paper to make very cool paper airplanes. The best part of this book is you can use any paper and it will last a lot longer.

In the end, Adan gave the foam book to another boy who really really wanted it, and he made the right decision and got the paper airplane book.

On the car front, yes the saga continues. A week after I got the car back from my major repair, the A/C compressor started to squeal like a banshee when the car started or idled. I ignored it as I always do hoping it would go away. Well, yesterday morning the car wouldn’t turn over. The starter and battery were doing their best, but with a stuck pulley it’s hard to keep the engine running. I scored the alternator, power steering and A/C pulleys to see which one was stuck. And sure enough the A/C compressor was the culprit. Not much of a surprise as it hasn’t cooled the car for almost a year now, and the mechanics at Carolina Auto Masters said it was shot. But $700 – $900 isn’t worth fixing the A/C. Thankfully, the fourth gen f-body’s have a nice A/C delete pulley that can be used to replace it. I don’t get any A/C, but the car loses like 12lbs and gains more horsepower.

A friend of mine mentioned a nice mechanic shop called Ronnie White’s in Youngsville. I used these guys the last time to tow my car, so I figured I’d give them a try. They’ve been very communicative and are working on the car. I went with the A/C delete because it’s only $250 worth of work 🙂

That’s it for the going’s on in my neck of the woods. It’s time for bed, it’s been a long week.


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