Christmas is AFTER Thanksgiving

One of my favorite holiday’s is Christmas. But the media and retail establishments in the US are ruining Christmas. They start decorating stores in Christmas gear on November 1st. Radio stations are playing Christmas music all day already. What happened to Thanksgiving? Are we just going to skip that holiday?

And for those people that have forgotten when Christmas is, use this website: I refuse to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving is over. To me the Christmas season starts the day AFTER Thanksgiving.

So remember, it’s Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, THEN Christmas. At the rate we’re going Christmas in July will become a reality.


2 thoughts on “Christmas is AFTER Thanksgiving

  1. Here in PR, Xmas music has been roaming the airwaves since early October!! Before you know it we will be celebrating Xmas in the summer…..

  2. For half a millennium, “the holidays” has meant Christmas and New Year’s; you can also nameTwelfth Night and Little Christmas or Epiphany, if you like.

    Adding Thanksgiving is merely a commercial plug to sell “stuff.”

    Hallowe’en has crept into the recipe, yes.

    Should we celebrate Christmas beginning with Independence Day? How far back should we go?

    As a traditionalist (lonely as it has become, though warm and satisfying anyway,) I put up a tree about 3 days before Christmas and celebrate heartily through the Christmas season (which begins for me at midnight, Christmas Eve) and on and on through the dark, dismal, dreary, sunless days till Spring.

    If you are depressed by all the darkness, just leave your Christmas lights up a bit longer.

    Dickens wrote about Christmas in our hearts all the year ’round. He did not mean how large a TV to buy nor the cost of gifts to impress anyone.

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