We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. We drove up to Maryland and stayed with my in-laws on Thursday. We were making great time until we got to Tysons Corner, VA where it took us 1 HOUR! to go from Rt 7 to the American Legion Bridge. The minute we cross the state line the traffic just vanished. Speeds increased from tortoise 5mph to 70mph. This only confirms my suspicion that Virginia is just a blackhole.

We spent the rest of Thanksgiving day with Liz’ family, had a great meal and the ritual going around the table giving everyone a chance to give thanks. It’s very cool but I’m not good with these emotional events, it always takes me out of my comfort zone. They always end well though so it’s all good.

On Friday, we went to spend the day with my parents. The boys had a great time jumping into a pile of leaves in the backyard. It was their first time as we don’t have enough trees to generate a big enough pile at our house. It was nice to see my folks and let them see “los nietos”.

Saturday was a busy day for me as I was trying to fix / upgrade my father-in-law’s computer (more on this later). The girls – Liz, Iliana, Jacquie, and Viv went shopping around noon, while the boys hung out with me and their Grandpop. They did very well despite me fighting with a computer.

To avoid the usual Sunday after Thanksgiving traffic we decided to leave Saturday night. I took a 1.5 hour nap Saturday evening to make sure I was refreshed for the late night drive. We left Maryland at 9:45pm and got to North Carolina at 1:55am. There was NO traffic and we were moving at pretty good clip. Thanks to the black Chevy Tahoe from Georgia for making the trip more entertaining as we tried to keep up with each other looking for gaps in the traffic.

All in all it was a GREAT weekend.


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