high on python

flying high

A co-worker sent me today’s xkcd. I loved it because it describes exactly how I felt when I learned Python.
I learned it earlier this year and even released my own project using Python. If you’re bored with your current programming language as I was, give Python a try. Programming will become fun again.


3 thoughts on “high on python

  1. Nice cartoon, but if I get bored with Java my temptation will be to either revisit C++ or do some more dabbling with Ruby or Erlang. And after that I think I’d put Lisp, Haskell, Scheme, Scala, Groovy, Nice, Ada, Perl, Forth, Dylan, D, Oberon, Modula-II, COBOL, Prolog, TCL, SNOBOL, FORTRAN, RPG IV, and Lua on my list just before Python. 😉

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