DHL are freakin’ IDIOTS!

I order a package with one day shipping from to be delivered today. Amazon chose DHL to ship my package, which was a mistake.

I checked the tracking this morning and it said out for delivery. I didn’t get a chance to check it again until I got home. I called customer service and they confirmed my address and stated the driver couldn’t find it. COULD NOT FIND IT! Apparently they haven’t heard of Google Maps or anything. The USPS has no problem. Neither does UPS. Even FedEx can find my house. Hell, using Google Maps you can see the playset in our backyard, the boulder, even the oil stain my car left in the driveway. With all this technology this so called shipping company couldn’t find my house!


I am just really pissed off at this incompetence. How can you be a damn shipping company and not be able to find the places you deliver to. That’s the last time I use DHL for any of my personal shipping, and if DHL is Amazon’s choice for their Prime service I will not renew next year.




2 thoughts on “DHL are freakin’ IDIOTS!

  1. I had the same problem with FedEx once. It was a Saturday and they couldn’t find my place. Funny thing was is that they were just at my place 2 days earlier. When I called dispatch, they said it was because they have different drivers on the weekend. I politely explained that it doesn’t matter who’s driving the truck, my place is always at the same spot on the map.

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