Since FUDCon is in Raleigh this year, I was able to attend this most awesome conference. Max did a great job with the State of Fedora address. He received a standing ovation and introduced the new Fedora project leader, Paul Frields.

Michael Tiemann had the 10:15 slot all to himself as none of the presenters wanted to go up against his talk on Fedora in the Enterprise (this is not a way to replace).

We had BarCamp which is a great model for defining a conference. Typically a conference defines the sessions and times upfront. With BarCamp the session topics are defined at the conference itself. They are placed on the board and everyone chooses what they want to attend. Based on the number of votes determines what rooms they are held in. It’s a great format.

In between volunteer efforts badging folks up to the 3rd floor, I’ve been able to attend a few talks. I went to the revisor talk after lunch. Revisor integrates with cobbler and allows you to create customized distros. I can’t wait to give this a try now. I’m signed up to see Seth’s yum talk as well as Adrian’s FUNC talk.

The one thing I have found out is that I seriously need a laptop. Everyone here has one and it’s very useful. I’m using an old loaner laptop from my department, but I need one for use all the time. 😦

zmugfs roadmap

I released zmugfs 0.1 on October 31st, 2007, but I haven’t done anything else with it since then. I’m overdue for finishing it.

Next up is to add the write mode capability to the file system which will actually allow you to upload your photos to smugmug.com. Here’s a quick list:

  • ability to create:
    • albums
    • categories
    • subcategories
  • upload photos
  • edit attributes of photos (not quite sure how this will work)

Stay tuned for more.