One thought on “DHL still sucks

  1. We’ve banned DHL from use. We had a parcel (in the US) shipped to the UK, paid for by the UK receiver. There was apparently a typo in the account number, so they billed me (the pickup point).

    I called the UK receiver, they figured out that it was a typo, and paid DHL in the UK for the shipment. DHL in the US said they had NO WAY OF COMMUNICATING with DHL in the UK, so they insisted I had to pay them too. No amount of effort on the receiver’s part, or DHL in the UK could convince DHL in the US that payment was made.

    I eventually ended up paying to prevent a mark on my credit. DHL successfully extorted a double payment, but it was the last business they will ever get from us. I will pay more to have products shipped by another carrier rather that do business with them ever again.

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