DHL still sucks

Back in December I had an ordeal with DHL, and they think Russell Davies is at fault for not being there when DHL attempted to drop off his parcel.


One thought on “DHL still sucks

  1. We’ve banned DHL from use. We had a parcel (in the US) shipped to the UK, paid for by the UK receiver. There was apparently a typo in the account number, so they billed me (the pickup point).

    I called the UK receiver, they figured out that it was a typo, and paid DHL in the UK for the shipment. DHL in the US said they had NO WAY OF COMMUNICATING with DHL in the UK, so they insisted I had to pay them too. No amount of effort on the receiver’s part, or DHL in the UK could convince DHL in the US that payment was made.

    I eventually ended up paying to prevent a mark on my credit. DHL successfully extorted a double payment, but it was the last business they will ever get from us. I will pay more to have products shipped by another carrier rather that do business with them ever again.

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