My dad on “El Nuevo Dia” Puerto Rican newspaper

“El Nuevo Dia” interviewed my dad and his associates at their barber shop, the Washington Square Hair Salon on politics. All are staunch democrats and plan on voting for Hillary Clinton at Maryland’s primary on Tuesday. Being informed about politics and the importance of voting has always been one of the values my dad instilled in me. That is why today I find myself watching CNN for all of the primary races to see what is going on. The other thing I got from my dad is newspaper reading. While I get a lot of my news online now, I still find time to read the Sunday newspaper (and not just the comics and sports sections) 🙂

From left to right, the Boricuas Jesús Rodríguez (my dad), Ismael Rodríguez y José Morales, owners of the “Washington Square Hair Salon” barbershop in Washington, DC. Photo by Sandy Schaeffer.

Super Bowl 42

We had our own family Super Bowl party. We made a bunch of finger food: mozzarella sticks, wings, and other things.  I wanted the NY Giants to win even though they knocked out my favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. But the New England has been annoying me all year so, it was nice to see them lose 🙂