Happy Easter!

As Father Tighe said today “He is risen!” It was a wonderful service this morning and the day is turning out quite well. Happy Easter everyone.

2007 Mazda Mazdaspeed3

Tonight I bought a used 2007 Mazda Mazdaspeed3. I finally got the last bit of life out of my 1995 Pontiac Trans Am, 12 years for an American car is great, in my opinion. But then again the one thing American car makers do well is make good V-8’s (not the juice) and it probably would’ve been fine a bit longer if I didn’t have the accident back in 2004.

The Mazda has both performance and practicality, the latter is something the Trans Am had none of. I haven’t driven a different stick shift in a long time so it took a bit of getting used to the Mazdaspeed’s clutch and brakes, very touchy and it moves too.

Here are some pictures (I took them from the dealer’s website):

For more pictures check out my flickr set: 2007 Mazdaspeed3. Ok off to go read the manual to see what all the things can do. Yes I read car manuals, there are a lot of little jewels you can find in them sometimes features you didn’t know the car had.