Most of my life I’ve had to explain to people how to pronounce my name: Jesús Miguel Rodríguez (heh-soos me-ghel roh-dree-ghez). It’s not so bad now, but growing up with such a name can be hard if the people are not familiar with Hispanic culture. In kindergarten, I had a kid (who always had green snot which is probably why I still remember this) called me God because he couldn’t pronounce Jesús.

In tenth grade I tried an alternative, I tried to be known as J. Mike Rodríguez. That didn’t work because I never responded to Mike 🙂 I remember once in the hallway someone called out Mike! Mike! They were calling me. That was the end of that, I went back to Jesús. My name never made me feel bad, just annoyed having to explain it to people and tell them how to say it correctly. When I became a parent, I decided not to put my children through this, but still wanted them to have Spanish style names so we chose: Adán Miguel, Marco Antonio, and Iliana María. Unfortunately, Adán has the toughest time with his name because most folks think it is Aidan, but it’s Adam in Spanish.

What sparked this rant? the recent Dilbert comic strip. I’ve included the 3/08 strip below, read the rest of the week as well: 3/10, 3/11, 3/12, 3/13, 3/14.


6 thoughts on “hay-soos

  1. “One of you will betray me,” Jesus said.

    “Is it me, Jesus? Is it me?” asked Robin.

    “No, Robin, it’s not you,” Jesus replied.

    “Is it me, Jesus? Is it me?” asked Bret.

    “No, Bret, it’s not you,” Jesus replied.

    “Is it me, Jesus? Is it me?” asked Todd.

    “Is it *me, Jesus? Is it *me*, Jesus? Would you all just shut up so I can enjoy my Last Lunch Hour in PEACE?!?!”

  2. I thought of you when I read this, and was offended/annoyed as well. At least Scott Adams didn’t pronounce your last name “Fernandez”. Not my finest hour…

  3. This is the very reason I prefer to call you Jebus. gee-buss not hey-bus or hey-boo. Jebus! Jebus! Homer Simpson had it right. I know *I* believe in Jebus.

  4. No tienes de explicar tu nombre! My name is Bob, not Roberto, but I sang in an Latin American choir for years so I sound OK (better than most English speakers). Plus my partner’s name is Melinda de Jesús, so I get practice (BTW, she isn’t Latina but Filipina). Your kid’s names are beautiful and we were thinking of naming our kid Adán too. We have one kid who has three awesome Latino nombres: Zacarias José Roberto de Jesús-Tinsman…but before he got those names, we called him Stinson, for the beach, and it was such a cool name that it stuck. The nice Latina day care teachers still called him Zacarias and pronounced it right too.

    P.S. Melinda got on my sh*t when I sang “la la la la la la bamba” instead of “para bailar la bamba” but my kid gets away with it because he’s 2 and very cute strumming his uke!

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