I released a new version of sm-photo-tool. It’s a simple script that that was originally written by John Ruttenberg wrote. I took it and packaged it in rpm form and have been maintaining it under source control (versus a forum).

sm-photo-tool help
Usage: sm-photo-tool create gallery_name [options] [file...]
       sm-photo-tool create_upload gallery_name [options] [file...]
       sm-photo-tool update [options]
       sm-photo-tool full_update [options]
       sm-photo-tool upload gallery_id [options] file...

       sm-photo-tool --help for complete documentaton

It’s create to upload an entire directory of photos to smugmug from the command line.


Most of my life I’ve had to explain to people how to pronounce my name: Jesús Miguel Rodríguez (heh-soos me-ghel roh-dree-ghez). It’s not so bad now, but growing up with such a name can be hard if the people are not familiar with Hispanic culture. In kindergarten, I had a kid (who always had green snot which is probably why I still remember this) called me God because he couldn’t pronounce Jesús.

In tenth grade I tried an alternative, I tried to be known as J. Mike Rodríguez. That didn’t work because I never responded to Mike 🙂 I remember once in the hallway someone called out Mike! Mike! They were calling me. That was the end of that, I went back to Jesús. My name never made me feel bad, just annoyed having to explain it to people and tell them how to say it correctly. When I became a parent, I decided not to put my children through this, but still wanted them to have Spanish style names so we chose: Adán Miguel, Marco Antonio, and Iliana María. Unfortunately, Adán has the toughest time with his name because most folks think it is Aidan, but it’s Adam in Spanish.

What sparked this rant? the recent Dilbert comic strip. I’ve included the 3/08 strip below, read the rest of the week as well: 3/10, 3/11, 3/12, 3/13, 3/14.

random firefox crashes

Liz was trying to work on her myspace page and started getting those wonderful bug buddy dialogs about gecko crashing. It seemed related to flash, because when the video was loading it would crash.

I’ve seen this happen randomly for me too. It’s VERY annoying. So I removed the flash rpm and reinstalled using the tarball. That didn’t seem to fix the crash. It was a shot in the dark. Then I found this thread: Firefox (gecko) Crash on Flash. I tried one of the other suggestions:
yum remove alsa-plugins-pulseaudio
That actually fixed the problem. So she’s able to use firefox with myspace again, except now there’s no volume control or sound. The soundcard detection plays sound just fine, but gnome-volume-manager pops up a dialog stating there are no gstreamer plugins, though reinstalling alsa-plugins-pulseaudio again doesn’t fix it. 😦 Time for more in depth investigation.

Burnout Revenge

On Friday, I got to level 7, INSANE, on Burnout Revenge. Tonight when I let the kids play I realized they overwrote my profile 😦 meaning I’m back to level 1, HARMLESS. Oh well, just means I’ll have to play it again 🙂

It’s a trap

Adan, my six year old son, is making a trap…

for a Leprechaun!

He said “it is going to be St. Patrick’s Day and he has never caught one before, so he wants to try”

Rough week

It has been a really rough week. Last weekend, Adan got sick with flu-like symptoms: fever and coughing. Liz took him to the doctor’s on Monday where they did every kind of test and determined it was viral. So Adan was out of school Monday & Tuesday. Then Tuesday night I had a fever and felt under the weather too. Wednesday night, Liz had a fever and was knocked off her feet all day Thursday. Then last night, Marco woke up twice and was burning up with fever. 😦  Iliana has had a runny nose the entire time as well.

I feel better today, but still rather, shall I say, phlegmy 🙂  But should be back in the office on Monday. Thankfully I was able to work from home to avoid contaminating my co-workers, and being able to take care of the family.

On a happier note, Liz & I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on Tuesday.  Happy Anniversary!