At home

The surgery went well, they straightened her septum and cleared up her sinuses. We got home around 2:45pm today, but the ride home was less than fun for her. We drover my car to the hospital, and the suspension being to taut made every bump, ditch, or even minor road imperfections noticable. She was NOT a happy camper. We could’ve taken our Grand Caravan but my father-in-law needed it to pick up Adan from school.

It was a rough right, but we finally made it home. We had some Chinese food tonight for dinner, Liz had some soup and crackers. She’s relaxing on the loveseat, actually looks like she SLEEPING! YAY! It’s been a long day.


Tonight while putting Adan to bed, he was stating some math fact: “0+0=0, 1+1=2, 2+2=4, 3+3=6, …Daddy, guess what? I just noticed something, they’re all even numbers!” I replied, “that’s very good. You’re right, any time you take to numbers and add them together you get an even number.” I could see the light bulb over his head. I was proud.