yard work

Friday I spent a couple hours taking care of the lawn, the grass was quite long and was in dire need of cutting. The trimmer, a Ryobi, gave me some trouble starting after been in storage since fall, but a little fuel stabilizer and fresh fuel did the trick (plus several hard pulls).

Today after church, I picked up 4 bales of pine straw and put them around all our trees and under the deck. I need a couple more bales so put around the bushes up front. Then get some plants to put in the garden.
I also, vacuumed the car which got messy with the pine straw. I also took the opportunity to wipe the leather seats with Meguiar’s leather wipes.

the fish

Marco has been begging for a fish. His class has a fish that they take care of and he wanted one for the house. So today I took Marco go Aquarium Outfitters here in Wake Forest. We bought a 2.5 gallon fish tank kit, some blue gravel, fish food, and 3 guppies (2 males & 1 female).

I filmed the fish swimming around.


During a meeting on Monday, I zoned out and starting drawing. Here’s a drawing of the parking garage outside the conference room:

Python the next Java

While doing my daily blog reading, this post by Kushal Das made me laugh:

How to write better Java code ?
/Me and kart_ was discussing on this and the answer came out:
Don’t write Java, write Python πŸ™‚

Door panel fixed

Tonight I finally fixed the window in the Trans Am and replaced the door panel. The guide wheel came off the window when the metal on the window base broke. I had to fashion a new bracket to place the guide wheel on and screwed it to the window base. Here’s my first prototype. The final one had the cut coming in from the right side instead of the bottom. Works great.


In the process, I actually locked the keys in the car. Yes, I know stupid. The door wasn’t quite closed all the way, so I took a coat hanger bent the tip, and used it to push the power lock button. πŸ™‚


Pontiac G8 Coupe?

edmunds InsideLine reports the possibility of a Pontiac G8 coupe. This is one kick ass car. And I think I actually like the Orange color.

I also agree with the editors comments “What this means to you: We don’t care if they call it GTO or Firebird or Powder Puff. We still want this Corvette-motored coupe much more than a revival of the el Camino. β€” Daniel Pund, Senior Editor, Detroit

Seriously would you want to drive an el Camino again?