Conservative BS

During the 2004 election, I signed up for a few conservative mailing lists to see the utter bulls**t they like to send out. My favorite conservative argument is against abortion, but yet they are more likely to go to war (which kills people), support the death penalty (which also kills people), and yet they call themselves the moral majority. Yeah right.

Another issue conservatives are always ranting about are guns and taxes. Well, they’re planning on doing their idiotic^H^H^H^H^H^H^H patriotic duty by urging folks to use their tax rebates to buy guns:

The checks are in the mail. Those would be the so-called economic stimulus, or tax rebate, checks, rushed out to about 75 percent of Americans by Congress. The checks represent a pittance of your very own money (or, in the case of those who pay little or no taxes, someone else’s money) being returned to you (or, in the case of those who pay little or no taxes, falling like manna from government, as it is supposed to, according to some of them).

Buy guns. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will drive liberal Members of Congress crazier than tax rebates being spent on guns. Little will make you feel better and safer than some additional firepower. You want stimulus? You got stimulus.

You can read more of this nonsense here.


One thought on “Conservative BS

  1. looks like the plan worked (as far as driving you crazy at least!)

    though, it seems unlikely that members of congress would notice tax rebates being spent on guns, so i find the idea silly. why not use it to pay off credit card debt? shrug.

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