Last day at the beach

We got up extra early this morning to load up the van and checkout from our beach house.  We hit a little traffic on the way home but not as bad as the traffic we hit when we travel to Maryland, we go home around 1:15pm today. On the way home we stopped by Waffle House for breakfast. I forgot how much of a hell hole those places are, but it was better than eating McDonald’s. Tonight we ended the evening with dinner at Milton’s Pizza, thanks Jacquie!

All good things must come to an end

It’s unfortunate that today is Friday. It means that it is our last full day on the beach and tomorrow we have to go back home. It’s been a great week being at the beach. This year we rented a great oceanfront beach house with a walkway directly to the beach. We got to hang out on our own private little paradise. Pictures and more to come once we get back home.

Adan pulls own tooth

Father’s Day weekend we went to Maryland to attend Liz’ cousin’s wedding, visited my parents and Liz’ parents. The highlight of the trip was Adan pulled out his top tooth while we were driving home on Sunday evening. It was quite exciting.