Printing photos suck!

Tonight I lost the battle with printing a picture from Fedora 9 to my Canon S750 color inkjet. The problem wasn’t that it would not print, but it would print the picture way to dark and very slow. After spending almost 2 hours trying various things and drivers, I punted and booted up my crusty old Windows XP partition. Printed it right in 10 minutes. Damn I hate when that happens because I NEVER need freakin Windows.

Maybe I’ll dig a little deeper when I’m not tired and annoyed at the computer.


6 thoughts on “Printing photos suck!

  1. Lots of photo printing services are very cheap now, so my solution is to not worry about the printer. iTunes (I know, not applicable) is something like 19 cents for a 4×6 — if you want to pay a bit more and are doing larger prints, an excellent one is, which does some absolutely amazing larger stuff (their metallic printing is fantastic) and can ship framed stuff up to something like 20×30 🙂

  2. I used to like my Epson PictureMate, but over a short time the inkjets get so clogged it wastes a ton of paper just trying to clean them out. I think I’ll try one of those services next time I need to print out photos.

  3. “Damn I hate when that happens because I NEVER need freakin Windows.”

    You just needed it to print your pictures out properly.

    Why are you even using a home inkjet to print photos, anyway? Bring them on a CD, USB drive, memory card, or whatever you have to CVS. Their prints are far more durable than home-printed, and it probably costs about half as much when all is said and done.

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