Eforcity SUCKS!

I had an Amazon.com gift certificate and decided to use it to purchase a 4 internal port SATA II controller. Amazon.com had one at a reasonable price fulfilled through a reseller, Eforcity.com.

My first red flag should’ve been that it was not being shipped from Amazon themselves. Secondly, it was not eligible from Amazon Prime. But I wanted to make use of my gift certificate and proceed with the order. They shipped the card on 7/26/08 and on 7/30/08 I opened the package to find a SATA II controller with 2 internal ports and 2 external ports. This is the WRONG card and the box was clearly marked with a sticker that said 2 external and 2 internal. ARGH! I contact them via email 3 times! Finally I contact Amazon customer support which promptly kicked Eforcity into responding. On 8/1/08, they finally send me a return shipping label, and I return the card on 8/2/08.

Today, I finally received my replacement only 16 days after I got the first shipment. And what did these morons do? send me the same freaking card. The box again stated 2 external and 2 internal ports, but the shrinkwrap had a sticker on it stating it was the 4 internal port version. I open it to verify, nope it’s still the 2 external and 2 internal. ARGH! I mean is it really that hard to fulfull a damn order correctly? Especially when someone returns an item? I’m now trying to get it returned for a full refund. Wish me luck with that.

What have I learned from this? A few things:

  • don’t buy stuff from Amazon unless it comes directly from them
  • avoid Eforcity.com at all costs
  • when it comes to computer parts stick with Newegg.com

Today, I went with old faithful, Newegg.com.


5 thoughts on “Eforcity SUCKS!

  1. I chalk part (but only a small part) of the problem down to the fact that there just *are not many* 4-port internal cards. There’s… Err, oneish, I think. You’d think they’d be far more common.

  2. i had the exact same experience with eforcity. They SUCK. I ordered a screen protector for my laptop screen. I checked the dimensions carefully and ordered the normal 4:3 one. They sent me the widescreen one! For the next month I tried to get a refund or an exchange. They kept insisting they sent me the right one because they had stuffed the wrong sized one into an envelope for the right sized one. So based on the barcode of the envelope, they claimed it was the right one and that I should expect the protector to be ‘slightly smaller’ than the actual screen. Morons! This wasnt ‘slightly smaller’, it was the widescreen one!!!

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