McCain cancels with Letterman to SAVE THE WORLD!

So McCain was supposed to be on Letterman. Apparently McCain called Letterman to cancel his appearance because he was suspending his campaign in light of the economic situation.

Personally, I think McCain is full of it. Letterman asks a good question in this video clip, “why not have your running mate continue with the campaign while you tend to other things?”

Click this link to watch the video:

While I’m on the topic of McCain, he also wants to reschedule the Presidential debate so he can tend to the economic situation. I applaud him for wanting to take part and do his Senatorial duties. But Barack Obama is right, as president you’ll have to do more than one thing you can’t just “pause” the world while you deal with something.


Wow, not bad for someone without a teleprompter.

Kennedy on Democrats working with Nixon

No wonder he won the election. Kennedy was bad ass. It’s truly a shame he was not able to finish off his term 😦

Time Warner can kiss my @$$

I’ve about had it with the Time Warner DVR. They recently updated the software to some crappy shit called Mystro. The DVR hasn’t been the same since the upgrade. Random crashes, for example during the Olympics and during the Democratic National Convention! Today the guide wouldn’t come up and I rebooted it 3 times and now it thinks I don’t have any shows to record. This is crap.

So now I want a TiVo DVR, I’m thinking of getting the HD DVR even though I don’t have an HDTV. The HD DVR can record standard and HD content and works with any TV. It also helps when I do get an HDTV, I won’t have to buy a new TiVo.

I’ve contacted Time Warner to find out how much their CableCARD is going to cost and how much I’ll save in returning the DVR and cablebox. I wish I could just throw it at them.

Alternatively, I could build my own Myth TV, but I don’t want to have to be a sysadmin for the TV box too. So realistically that’s out.

New toys

Our Canon S750 inkjet was getting long in the tooth, and never really had good Linux support, the quality with the S800 driver was OK, but to get the highest quality prints required the use of a proprietary driver from TurboPrint.

Canon S750
Canon S750

We are replacing it with a Xerox 6130/N color laser which I got from plus a free Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Blue 8.0MP digital camera. The Xerox 6130/N while it doesn’t explicitly list Linux support, supplies PPD files on the CDROM and works great with Fedora!

Xerox 6130/N color laser
Xerox 6130/N color laser
Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Blue
Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Blue

The printer has both USB and Ethernet. I chose the network setup as it was the easiest to work with. I love having a laser printer at home, it is amazing how much more crisp the text and graphics are compared to the old Canon.

If you’re looking for a good color laser that works with Linux, I highly recommend the Xerox 6130/N.

git rocks

Some time last year, I worked on a project that used git as its scm. Coming from CVS and Subversion, I HATED git. I couldn’t do the most basic things like revert a file deal with branches, etc. I blamed git for my whoas woes. I quickly dismissed git as a fad and something only kernel engineers should use.

Then back in April we set out to open up Spacewalk, a few of the other engineers suggested we use git over Subversion. I figured why the hell not, so that’s what we went with. I’ve now realized that last year when I blamed git for my whoas, it wasn’t git at all. It was me. A friend of mine once said, “learn your tools”, and that’s what I’ve been doing with git. I’m more and more impressed with it now that I use it day in and day out.

Tonight, I became acquainted with git-stash. Man that is one cool little command. I had 2 changes going on and need to get them out of the way to do a git pull. I simply did a git-stash save "foobar stuff", then updated with git pull, and restored my stuff with git-stash apply stash@{1}. This stuff ROCKS!

If you’re a CVS or Subversion user I suggest you try out git. At first it will truly annoy you 🙂 but stick with it and you’ll learn to love it. Personally, I think the better way is to play with it, walk away for a while, then come back and give it a second go.