Dallas Cowboys lose to the Redskins :(

Tonight my team, the Dallas Cowboys, lost to, dare I say it, cough redskins. I’m sure the Redskins fans are in their glory because this is their Superbowl. I say to them, “enjoy it because this is as close to the Superbowl as you’ll be getting!”

Glad you’re happy, GDK! Just wait till we go to Landover and exact our revenge.

McCain cancels with Letterman to SAVE THE WORLD!

So McCain was supposed to be on Letterman. Apparently McCain called Letterman to cancel his appearance because he was suspending his campaign in light of the economic situation.

Personally, I think McCain is full of it. Letterman asks a good question in this video clip, “why not have your running mate continue with the campaign while you tend to other things?”

Click this link to watch the video:

While I’m on the topic of McCain, he also wants to reschedule the Presidential debate so he can tend to the economic situation. I applaud him for wanting to take part and do his Senatorial duties. But Barack Obama is right, as president you’ll have to do more than one thing you can’t just “pause” the world while you deal with something.

Kennedy on Democrats working with Nixon

No wonder he won the election. Kennedy was bad ass. It’s truly a shame he was not able to finish off his term 😦