git rocks

Some time last year, I worked on a project that used git as its scm. Coming from CVS and Subversion, I HATED git. I couldn’t do the most basic things like revert a file deal with branches, etc. I blamed git for my whoas woes. I quickly dismissed git as a fad and something only kernel engineers should use.

Then back in April we set out to open up Spacewalk, a few of the other engineers suggested we use git over Subversion. I figured why the hell not, so that’s what we went with. I’ve now realized that last year when I blamed git for my whoas, it wasn’t git at all. It was me. A friend of mine once said, “learn your tools”, and that’s what I’ve been doing with git. I’m more and more impressed with it now that I use it day in and day out.

Tonight, I became acquainted with git-stash. Man that is one cool little command. I had 2 changes going on and need to get them out of the way to do a git pull. I simply did a git-stash save "foobar stuff", then updated with git pull, and restored my stuff with git-stash apply stash@{1}. This stuff ROCKS!

If you’re a CVS or Subversion user I suggest you try out git. At first it will truly annoy you 🙂 but stick with it and you’ll learn to love it. Personally, I think the better way is to play with it, walk away for a while, then come back and give it a second go.


7 thoughts on “git rocks

  1. It’s unfortunate that the learning curve for git is what it is, because you’re right, it is very awesome once you learn how to use it effectively.

    Another cool thing you may not have seen yet with git is interactive commits (git commit or git add with the –interactive flag)

  2. My learning curve was pretty shallow to get to git: CVS (basics) -> Subversion -> Bazaar -> Git. So it can be pretty easy to learn, depending on where you’re coming from and, of course, how much pressure you’re under to learn it. I started learning Git by keeping my university assignments in it so it was a pretty gradual thing where I used it every day.

    P.S. When you say “whoas” do you mean “woes”? Sorry, I’m a pedant 🙂

  3. Took me awhile to write down all the stuff I needed to remember for daily workflow but once I had that to work with and a basic understanding of how things work, git really started to shine. “Learn your tools” is right.

  4. Jesus — thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! I admit I rarely have a ton of time to cruise through the docs, but you just answered one of the exact questions I’ve been asking myself recently. Please feel free to keep blogging git hints when you have time, I love it!

  5. git has a lot of cool features like all DVCS’s . The one major problem that I have with it is the horrible mess that is git branches. Branching was one thing that I felt subversion was a huge improvement over cvs and it’s disappointing to see git retrograde in this regard.

    I’d tell everyone to use bzr, which has a very sane branching model except that its speed is nothing to write home about when compared to git. 😦

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