Time Warner can kiss my @$$

I’ve about had it with the Time Warner DVR. They recently updated the software to some crappy shit called Mystro. The DVR hasn’t been the same since the upgrade. Random crashes, for example during the Olympics and during the Democratic National Convention! Today the guide wouldn’t come up and I rebooted it 3 times and now it thinks I don’t have any shows to record. This is crap.

So now I want a TiVo DVR, I’m thinking of getting the HD DVR even though I don’t have an HDTV. The HD DVR can record standard and HD content and works with any TV. It also helps when I do get an HDTV, I won’t have to buy a new TiVo.

I’ve contacted Time Warner to find out how much their CableCARD is going to cost and how much I’ll save in returning the DVR and cablebox. I wish I could just throw it at them.

Alternatively, I could build my own Myth TV, but I don’t want to have to be a sysadmin for the TV box too. So realistically that’s out.


7 thoughts on “Time Warner can kiss my @$$

  1. I’ve been a big fan of TiVo for a number of years now and was quite disappointed to have to use the cable company crap they called a DVR when I upgraded to an HDTV (well, for recording HD any way). So I’ve had a series 3 since they announced them and have been quite happy with it. You can get the HD Tivo refurb’d direct from Tivo for like $180 which is a pretty reasonable deal. And, in fact, I’ll probably be taking advantage of it in the near future when we upgrade our last tube TV to an LCD in a couple of months.

  2. Getting a cable card will not make you any happier they do not work very well and most programming is being pulled from them. Plus if in the future if you decide to get HD you will only receive certain shows and not all of the HD programming available.

  3. If you have any problems getting the CableCARD working, TiVo now has a CableCARD hotline you can call. They’ll help troubleshoot and working with the cable company to get it working.

  4. Also note that at some point TW claims they are switching to “switched digital video” which the current TIVO’s do not support. There are supposedly tuning adapters coming down the pipe for that, but I’m not sure they are available yet.

    And yes, the TW DVR’s need to be stacked in a pile and burned. Then burned again. Then dissolved with acid. And burned again.

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