National Debt

So much for “fiscal conservatives”. I hear folks (usually Republicans) talk about how Democrats like to raise taxes. Well look at the national debt graph, and you can see why!

national debt


2 thoughts on “National Debt

  1. we don’t get any fiscal conservatives in this country. oh, a few republicans talk the talk, but nobody’s walking that walk. doesn’t seem to get them elected, strangely.

    anyway the real national debt (including obligations for social security, etc. which are kept off the books on the weak pretext that they may be changed by legislation) dwarfs the nominal national debt. sooner or later we’re in for some serious inflation.

  2. The raw numbers don’t tell us much. Say your own debt doubles but your income quadruples, would you say you’re worse off? Now I am pretty sure the same graph showing the debt as a percentage of GDP is still ugly, but it’s still a better start to these kinds of discussions.

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