Visit to Adan’s technology class

Today I went to talk to Adan’s 2nd grade technology class. It was great. I tried to start them early on what open source is and Linux 🙂

I talked about what I do at Red Hat, a brief explanation of open source and collaboration (working together for the 2nd grade audience). They LOVED the videos:

I got to share how we have as much fun at work and they liked Adan’s picture of him visiting me at work.

Adan wearing Captain Spalding helmet
Adan wearing Captain Spalding helmet

I also talked about the OLPC which they LOVED! I used the Speak activity to show that it can be quite entertaining.

Speak activity
Speak activity

The technology teacher also teaches Spanish, so she was impressed with the ability for the Speak activity to speak Spanish. The children found the videos and OLPC very entertaining. I felt like they had a good time and hopefully they learned a little something in the process.

A special thanks goes out to Greg for loaning me the XO to show off.


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