Happy Birthday, Spacewalk!

It’s amazing how fast time flies. A year ago today, we announced project Spacewalk.


In that year, we’ve had five releases on three Linux versions: RHEL 5, CentOS 5, and Fedora 10. Currently we’re working on getting Spacewalk 0.6 ready for Fedora 11. Want to help? Check us out on #spacewalk and #spacewalk-devel on freenode or contact us on spacewalk mailing list.

We also added quite a few features to the project:

If you would like to try it check out the HowToInstall wiki page.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Spacewalk!

  1. And most importantly, added me to the team during that time. You might want to update your post bullet points to mention that fact.

    1. Rahul, there is no real ETA for getting into Fedora. It is highly dependent on when the PostgreSQL migration finishes. Then there there is the issue of getting all of the Java packages we use into Fedora.

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