Testing lekhonee

Testing out the lekhonee GNOME frontend for WordPress. The UI seems pretty barebones and not very GNOME-ish, but it is functional. Check out the screenshot below:

Thanks Kushal.

P.S. this entry was written entirely in lekhonee, well ALMOST. I couldn’t figure out how to upload the screenshot without using the WordPress webui.

The post is bought to you by lekhonee v0.4


2 thoughts on “Testing lekhonee

  1. You have my sympathy but we will be accused of being somewhat behind the curve. Maven is supposed to automate these dependencies for us. Trouble is my builds are based on Ant and I can’t “just add a Maven dependency”. I managed to just copy one jar at a time and get this working, ‘septin’ the Jackson JSON provider and I do not see any information on configuring that (dropped the jackson jars ‘n resteasy provider in the path, no luck). Par for the course, jar hell as usual.

  2. The recent release of lekhonee-gnome (which is a rewrite in Vala by the way) seems to have the Upload File bits under the Edit menu. Good to see you liking the tool.

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