banshee and older iPods

With the release of banshee 1.0, podsleuth was re-written to work with later models of iPods but ended up breaking compatibility with 3rd gen iPods (like mine). I tried creating a patch but C# is not my forte and time was lacking as well.

But today I found that a patch was committed that fixes bug #486661: commit 8c17bbb6e3fa9bd39c4c43c0e28a30a6795a189c in podsleuth.

I downloaded the F9 src.rpm from koji and created a patch from the above mentioned commit. I rebuilt the rpm and installed it on my Fedora 9 x86_64 machine. I’m happy to say I’m back in business!

[jmrodri@firebird podsleuth]$ rpm -qa 'podsleuth*'

Thanks to Nicolas Cortot for submitting the patch, and to Gabriel Burt for applying the patch.



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