LG enV Touch screen problem

IMG_1716, originally uploaded by jmrodri.

Sigh, I think my phone screen is busted. It only looks like this under certain lighting conditions and otherwise it seems to work. 😦

Any one know what this might be?


9 thoughts on “LG enV Touch screen problem

  1. I think it may be under fluorescent lighting that it looks like that. Mine looks like that anytime there is fluorescent lighting.

  2. mine does that as well, but it has nothing to do with the lighting. mine just started that today and its been under the same lighting for 3 months.

  3. Did anyone ever figure out what this is? I’m on my 2nd enV touch to have this occur (it’s not supposed to, as the 1st one eventually died because of it.) These is no water damage involved as mine was fine this morning, and now in the afternoon after light use and sitting on my desk, my 2nd phone now is doin the same thing again. It’s like the screen is mushed in.

  4. I have went through 14 phones in the last 16 months due to this problem… None of them were ever exposed to water and verizon always seemed dumbfounded and tries to say that its a software problem but they still replace it..

  5. It is not water damage. I have the same problem. Had it happen to 1 LG phone…took it to Verizon…they said it was water damage, but then opened the guts & saw it isn’t. They warranteed the phone, and now less than 1 year later, it too is having the same problem. Looks like water damage, but isn’t. The outside screen ultimately stops working. The inside works, but who wants half a phone.

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