When 15% off is not 15% off

I got my weekly newegg.com email flyer today and saw they had a great 15% off sale on all hard drives. I thought it would be worth looking into. But I noticed that a $119 1.5TB hard drive came up to $109. Hrm that’s not 15%, that’s only 11.9% what gives.

I go re-read the ad to make sure it wasn’t specific brands or types of hard drives, that’s when I noticed the restrictions “maximum of $10”. What in the world? maximum of $10? Why would they say 15% off then? Just make it a $10 coupon. UGH. This pains me a lot because I’m a HUGE fan of newegg.com, and hate to see such silly ads from them.



2 thoughts on “When 15% off is not 15% off

  1. What’s the issue here? They have many small hard drives for less than $67 which will get the full 15%, the limitation was not in fine print, and neither was the fact that there was a dollar limit to the total discounts given.

    Nothing deceptive, and I got got full 15% off on a pair of small drives to be given as presents to byte deprived children.

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